Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Centre

Office Specialist certification gives job applicants the advantage of proven productivity in a competitive market. It distinguishes users of Microsoft Office products as truly knowledgeable and are able to contribute to the overall level of organisational effectiveness.

Microsoft Examinations

All Office Specialist examinations 2016 are developed and reviewed by a team of experts who have extensive experience using Microsoft Office applications in diverse business and educational settings. The examinations are performance based, which means each is conducted within a live or simulated Microsoft Office program. Examination candidates are asked to perform a series of tasks to clearly demonstrate their skills.

A typical Office specialist examination takes about 1 hour and examinees are measured on both knowledge and efficiency. When selecting the type of training you must ensure the courseware carries the approved courseware logo.

The examinations are administered at our Testing Centre, please call on +91-40-64587777 or  +91-9848117649

Steps to Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Microsoft Office Specialist (Office Specialist) examinations

Evaluate your overall comprehension of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Project programs, your ability to use their advanced features, and your ability to integrate them with other software programs. This step by step guide walks you through the certification process.

  • Step 1: Identify Your Goals
  • Step 2: Assess Your Skills
  • Step 3: Prepare for the Exams
  • Step 4: Take the Exams
  • Step 5: Use Your Credential

Identify Your Goals

Identify your personal goals for certification. For example, do you want to take one exam to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the word processing tools in Microsoft Word, or do you want to set a long term goal to become a Microsoft Office Specialist certified at the master level by successfully completing a series of Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams?

Assess Your Skills

Assess your existing knowledge of the desktop program based on experience, training, and personal needs. In selecting the appropriate Office Specialist certification exam, consider the following

  • The amount of time you have used the programs
  • The frequency and depth of your experience with the program
  • The version of the program with which you are most familiar

Specialist-level certification exams test your ability to complete a wide range of standard business tasks with ease. Expert-level certification exams test your ability to complete complex assignments requiring advanced formatting and functionality, in addition to standard business tasks.

Ready to get the most out of the Microsoft Office suite? Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification validates the skills needed to use the powerful features and functionality of the Office suite. Achieving a Microsoft® Office Specialist Certification gives you access to valuable MOS Certification member site, and access to a vast, global network of other certified professionals. You will also be able to print transcripts to demonstrate proof of certification and receive an online certificate that verifies your success in the exam. Additionally, earning this certification will allow you to display the MOS logo on your resume and other business material. Ofcourse, you earn the required MS office skills in the process.

The following MOS exams are currently available:

Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 provides a continuum for identifying and validating skills:

Microsoft Office Specialist (Core Certification)

  • Validates skills with the Microsoft Office suite. Available for the most popular Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Office Expert*

  • Credential that validates advanced skills with one or more Microsoft Office applications.
  • Exams offered on Word Expert and Excel® Expert.

Microsoft Office Master

  • New credential validates advanced Office skills.
  • Candidate must pass four exams: Word Expert, Excel® Expert and PowerPoint® , and either Access® or Outlook®
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