Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Strata™ IT Fundamentals Technology Test?

The CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals test is a beginner level test covering PC basics. The exam provides an excellent assessment of an individual's understanding of PC/platform basics. As such, Strata IT Fundamentals is the perfect beginning for an individual with basic Digital Literacy understanding who is interested in IT Technology hardware and platforms.

Q. Why are Certiport and CompTIA joining forces to offer the CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Examination?

Certiport and CompTIA are coming together to sell, market and distribute certificate tests that offer candidates the opportunity to prove their knowledge and skills in the computer, technology and Digital Literacy fields. For years both Certiport and CompTIA have been working in parallel in the IT careers industry. Coming together to leverage the unique skills of each organization will benefit students and those transitioning to new careers as well as organizations catering to this fast growing market segment.

Q. Which skills or concepts does the Strata IT Fundamentals test cover?

The CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals test is designed to show that the successful candidate has the knowledge to identify and explain PC components, setup a basic PC workstation, conduct basic software installation, identify compatibility issues and recognize/prevent basic security risks. Further, this test will assess the candidate's knowledge in the areas of Green IT and preventative maintenance of computers. This test is ideal for candidates who are considering the pursuit of a CompTIA A+ certification and for advanced home users who wish to further their IT knowledge.

Q. For which age groups and populations is Strata IT Fundamentals appropriate?

Strata IT Fundamentals is appropriate for the secondary, post-secondary, career development and corporate training markets. As soon as an individual has grasped basic Digital Literacy concepts he or she is ready for the more advanced IT concepts of Strata IT Fundamentals.

Q. How does the Strata IT Fundamentals exam fit into the Certiport Pathway?

Strata IT Fundamentals is a perfect complement to Certiport's IC³ (Internet and Computing Core Certification). Digital Literacy, as certified by IC³, is a necessary foundation that allows users to transition perfectly to Strata IT Fundamentals. Individuals seeking a career in IT, particularly interested in hardware platforms and PC's, are well suited for the IC³ to Strata pathway and may choose to pursue higher certifications in CompTIA A+, and with specialized experience, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security +. Strata IT Fundamentals is a significant addition to our selection of certification exams and is fully supported by our partners and clients. This is one more advancement in our goal to provide the most complete portfolio of certification pathways for IT professionals, office professionals and creative professionals.

Q. Is Strata IT Fundamentals part of Certiport's Digital Literacy plan?

It has become clear that programs, training and certification for basic Digital Literacy are a critical requirement for individuals who have interest in, but have not yet been introduced to the digital world. As leaders in this space, Certiport and CompTIA both have deep interest and commitment in the mission of expanding digital literacy to individuals, communities and nations. These efforts nurture personal growth, allow communities to connect with each other and promotes economic viability and growth in nations.

Q. How long does the Strata IT Fundamentals exam take to complete?

The Strata exam consists of 70 questions that take approximately one hour to complete. A passing score is 70% or higher.

Q. How is the Strata IT Fundamentals test administered?

Students can take the exam worldwide at any Certiport Center.

Q. What curriculum is available for Strata IT Fundamentals?

Axzo Press and ElementK currently provide educational materials with an e-learning solution that match the objectives of the Strata IT Fundamentals test.

Q. How will students benefit from earning the Strata IT Fundamentals certificate?

The IT Fundamentals certificate signifies that the student has mastered the core fundamentals relative to hardware platforms. Armed with this certificate the student has demonstrated potential to begin a career working with PC's, hardware, software installation and will have the ability to identify compatibility issues and recognize/prevent basic security risks. With a foundation in Digital Literacy from IC³, those desiring an IT career will be well prepared for their future academic endeavors with the Strata IT Fundamentals certificate.

Q. How will my institution benefit from offering Strata IT Fundamentals?

Certiport Centers, distributors and partners now have an integrated pathway for the estimated 26 million students interested in pursuing an IT career. This pathway provides for their training and certification needs from the most basic introductions to technology all the way to advanced certifications. Strata IT Fundamentals is the bridge between IC³ and A+ certifications and allows your institution the ability to ensure proper learning and progression along the IT pathway. This provides a competitive advantage, profit opportunity and improved success of technology programs for your organization as you attract and retain students interested in IT careers.

Q. How soon will the Strata IT Fundamentals exam be available in my region?

Strata IT Fundamentals exams originated in English and we have begun localizations in 10 other languages. Certiport and CompTIA are working to have the U.S. English tests available by July of 2010. Additional language development, localization and delivery will be ongoing and prioritized based on demand. Currently, we anticipate all 10 additional languages will be available by mid-October 2010.

Q. How will I train my sales force on the Strata IT Fundamentals exam?

Certiport and CompTIA are working jointly to provide complete training programs and sales tools for sales teams and regional partners. These programs and tools will include webinars, company and product background information, pathway examples, sales datasheets, presentations, market analysis overviews, partner and Certiport Center product information Web pages, marketing materials and more.

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