Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Autodesk continue to produce and sell Autodesk Official Training Guides?

During 2009, Autodesk Education made the decision to partner with Wiley Publishing to produce the Autodesk Office Training Guides that help professionals prepare for certification. These guides are now called the "Mastering" series and are available in bookstores and online bookstores or directly from your AVAR. While there is no longer a one to one match on objectives to the guides, these comprehensive Mastering Guides do cover all of the objectives tested by the new exams.

Schools can purchase these guides from their AVARs.

Q. How do I become a Certiport Testing Center?

If you are interested in becoming an exam provider and purchasing tests, please contact your Certiport Solution Provider or a Certiport Representative at 91-40-6458-7777

Q. What if my school is not offering certification directly, can I still take a certification exam?

You can take the exam at any Autodesk Authorized Certification Center. To purchase a certification exam at the student price, go to and select "Purchase as Student". You can then purchase and schedule your testing at a certification center directly.

Q. Is there an Instructor Training or Certification Program?

These offerings are currently limited to schools in North America as we develop the program. Together with Certiport, we will evaluate expanding these offering to other types of schools (vo-tech, community colleges) and other geographies next year.

Q. I am existing Certification Center on the Autodesk Online System. What should I do?

Certiport will be contacting existing certification centers at schools to migrate them to the new program and system. There is no need to contact Autodesk or Certiport in advance.

Q. When can I expect to hear from Certiport?

Certiport will be contacting schools who have been delivering tests on the Autodesk Online system in November.

Q. What can I do with the inventory that is remaining in my Autodesk Online testing account?

Schools can continue to deliver the exams remaining in their account. There are no refunds for those tests.

Q. We are not currently a testing center but we are interested. What should we do?

Your Autodesk Value Added Reseller will be your contact for this program. Since the program is not ready yet, please wait to contact your AVAR in November. You can find the AVAR for your area by going to

Additionally you can contact a Certiport Solution Provider or Certiport direct at or learn more at

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